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"Organically Raised Grass Fed Black Angus Beef in a Box"

Same delicious beef, just easier to fit in your freezer.

It is our vision to see our community members eating our ethically raised clean Black Angus beef.

About our cattle

Our cattle are 100% grass fed.  They receive no antibiotics or hormones.  Our animals are pasture raised and allowed to socialize, eat, and drink on their schedule.

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About Us

Kerry Hanifl and Gregg Rappe both descended from cattle folk, but are learning the trade from the former owners.  Kerry and Gregg are both former teachers and are following one of their dreams to be lifelong learner.

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Cooking tips

Grass fed beef is lower in overall fats, but higher in the good fats.  Grass fed beef is also more dense than grain fed beef, therefore needs to be cooked differently to get desired mouth watering end product.

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Hanappe Ranch is located in Castle Rock, MN.  Please contact us for a tour.  You can also find us on Facebook.

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