Hanappe Ranch began as a family farm in 1877 with the Strachan family.  The Strachan family worked the farm for 3 generations before it became Hanappe Ranch, where despite the change of name, is still family run, just by a new family, the Hanifl-Rappes.

Kerry Hanifl and Gregg Rappe spent 2 years with their children in the foothills of the Himalayan mountains working at an international school in India.  During those 2 years living in a small community and walking almost everywhere they rediscovered how important food is and especially where it comes from.  Upon their return to the States, Kerry and Gregg plunged into agriculture, purchasing the Strachan farm, and learning all they could from the former owners.

Kerry is a passionate cook, and knows the importance of choosing quality ingredients to produce delicious healthy food for her family.  While going though the process of organic certification for the ranch, she discovered that organic certification is only one measure of clean food.  Treating them with compassion, grass feeding and finishing is more important to the health of the animals, and ultimately the quality of the meat they produce.

Gregg has worked most of his life working with young people helping them find the tools to succeed in life.  This took the form of coaching and teaching physical education.  The change to working with animals is bitter sweet.  He loves the animals, and the care the animals receive from him is remarkable.  He does miss his students, but sees ranching as a different avenue to help people, not just young ones, find the tools for a healthy life.